You are made up of two dates and a DASH. That DASH is your journey, the ups and downs, the choices you make, the people who come in and out of your life and the paths you choose. 

It's your LIFE, it's your DASH.

The way you show up in LIFE is how you show up in your Career, Health, Relationships/Community, Spirituality, Finances and Sexuality. Life is a dance - a little bit of push a little bit of pull and a whole lot of fun!

You only take so many trips around the sun...

The SlowBURN Method - Kirsten Asher

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June 4th 2 Dance North County

Check out the video below and then join the fun :)

One of the most amazing things was to be in a class where someone tells you to feel who you are, feel what you’re doing, feel those body expressions, feel everything of what’s happening within. She is so free and you can literally feel that from her.
— M. Holmes
It helped me connect with my body and open up to some of the things I don’t tune into on a daily basis.
— A. Sisson
I loved it, I felt so free... she just makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin, there’s no judgement going on. I highly recommend it!
— E. Cline
Kirsten brings her passion and love for sensuality, self expression and growth into her dance space and the fluidity of the workshop was amazing - tapping into different areas of ourselves. It was just so powerful, I want more!
— C. Steen

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Your life and time is now.


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